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Saudi Ceramic Company Entrance Control with Time Attendance and Thermal Imaging Detection Terminal Case Study

Project Description

Saudi Ceramic Company is a leading provider of quality building solutions in Saudi Arabia that includes various types of ceramic products, electric water heaters, bathroom fittings, plastics, and red bricks for more than 40 years which has gained a reputation for manufacturing quality products even in the international market.


With such a big workforce and the current situation that the country and whole world are facing, they need to make sure that their employees and workplace are safe against any virus entering and spreading. ZKTeco provided the complete solution for entrance and time attendance requirements of the client.

End User:  Saudi Ceramic Company

Implementation Solution

Project Requirements


Touchless Time Attendance Terminal with Body Temperature Detection


The year 2020 has been a rough year for most of every industries around the world because of the virus that has spread. A lot of businesses closed, most of the companies initiated their employees to work from home, there has been a lockdown in the country, and much more happened for the past months. But business and companies still need to continue to work.


As a part of the new normal, most of the companies have resumed working in their offices. To comply with the new standards, a body temperature detection device has been a necessity to monitor the people’s body temperature. Reducing the screening process, Saudi Ceramic Company has required a time attendance and body temperature detection terminals to be deployed in their building.

To avoid the entering and spreading of virus and germs, they need a contactless biometric verification device. With face and palm verification method, they will be able to check-in and out without the need of touching the attendance device and removing their face masks.


Entrance Control Solution


With the virus spreading in the country, the client cannot set aside the security of the building against unauthorized persons entering. The client added an entrance control solution in their requirements.


Time and Attendance Software


To make sure the efficiency of the workforce, the client needed a time attendance software to connect the terminals and generate attendance reports every month for salary calculation.


System Device Name Device Model
Time Attendance Time Attendance and Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection Terminal SpeedFace-V5L[TI]
Entrance Control Flap Barrier FBL1000 Pro
Software Time Attendance Software BioTime


Technical Features


ZKTeco deployed a two-lane FBL1000 Pro flap barrier with a SpeedFace-V5L[TI] time attendance and thermal imaging body temperature detection terminal on  the  main lobby entrance of the building to control the passage of the employees.


SpeedFace-V5L[TI] is a face and palm verification and thermal imaging temperature detection terminal that can detect body temperature in just 0.1 second on up to 120cms. Even the employees wear face masks, the time attendance device can still detect your face and record your attendance that will be send to the BioTime server.

Saudi Ceramic Company Entrance Control with Time Attendance and Thermal Imaging Detection Terminal Case Study