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Secondary School in Hong Kong — Access Control Management Case Study

Project Description :

Project Site : FDBWA Szeto Ho Secondary School

FDBWA Szeto Ho Secondary School (五邑司徒浩中學), is a subsidized secondary school located in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1978 by Five Districts business Welfare Association (FDBWA, 五邑工商總會). With the student-oriented spirit of education, the School holds fast to the principles of their foundation of education “With the goal of balanced development of education with no distinction of classes and the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic life, whole-man education, and the nurturing of the pillars of Hong Kong society.” The School at present has approximately 800 students and 62 teachers.

Client Requirements

Reliable Access Control System

As the School pays high concern to the security of the school area, they wished to enhance the security of its premises by installing access control system manage access rights by effectively and precisely recognize if one is authorized and authenticated for access of important areas including staff rooms, computer room and the main entrance.

High Verification Speed

The school are accessed by approximately 800 persons in a single day. Due to the tight schedule of school day operation, time for entrance control is very limited, thus the access control need to be processed with high efficiency. Thus, an access control system that has a high speed of verification becomes ultimately crucial.

Easy-to-manage System

Due to the limited human resource for administration, it was not preferred to increase the workload for the newly added access control system. Thus, there are multiple access points deployed in the school area, our client needed a simplified access control system that is user-friendly and could centrally manage the entire system.

Flexible Registration Setting

There are School visitors for various reasons, therefore a system which enables flexible and easy registration and deregistration assists the visitor management.

Implementation Solution


System Device Name Device Model

Access Control Management System

Access Control Panel


Access Control Panel


Access Control Card Reader



Technical Features/Solution

• There are several accesses in staff rooms, computer room, and the main gate of the School with approximately 800 persons to manage.

• Each access is equipped with a KR602 Card Reader.

• Academic and non-academic staffs are issued staff cards for verification of their identities. Apart from the daily access through the main entrance gate, they are eligible for access of all access points including staff rooms, computer rooms.

• Students are issued student cards for their identity proof and the verification of access to school. Their access authority however is limited with no right to the entrance to staff rooms and only access right to the computer in certain timeslots when necessary.

• All Card Readers are connected to the C3 Access Control Panels. And all C3 Control Panels are centrally managed by the ZKAccess 3.5 Software.

Function Description

• All control panels and card readers are only managed by ZKAccess3.5 Access Control Software. The deployed ZKTeco Access Control System are built on flexible and open technologies to provide management, real-time monitoring and control of our client’s access with no additional software to install.

• ZKAccess3.5 is a customer service based access control software. With highly user friendly UI, it is able to control every door and staffs with unique access right.

• The C3 control panels enable Web-hosted infrastructure and centralized online administration which reduce our client’s IT costs, and allow easy management of all access points in a single location for the convenience of management and the reduction of extra human resource of administration.

• The deployed KR602 Card Reader is a quick and precise card reader with waterproof IP65 level that enables both indoor and outdoor installation and operation of access control.

• The client is very satisfied with how the machines and software work since it significantly enhances the entire security level of the institute with user friendly management.

On-site Photo:

Secondary School in Hong Kong — Access Control Management  Secondary School in Hong Kong Access Control Management