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ZKTeco Provides Entrance Control Solution to Facilitate L&T Heavy Engineering Employees

Project Description:

L&T Engineering is a separate division of Larsen Toubro corporation under self-reliant Strategic Business Units (SBUS) focusing on fulfilling the needs of Heavy Industries via supply of equipment to Nuclear Power Utilities, Process Plant Industries, etc. The division operates at the upper end of the technology spectrum and has been at the forefront of introducing new processes, products and materials into manufacturing sector, for over six decades. L&T Engineering has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which are capable of meeting the challenges of technology, quality conformance &delivery, while ensuring cost competitiveness. The capability spectrum not only covers in-house engineering, R&D centres and world class fabrication facilities, but also includes a highly experienced team, committed to a safe and sustainable work culture

Project Site: Surat, Gujarat, India

Client Requirements

Project Requirements

L&T Engineering, Surat manufacturing facility spreads over more than 750 acres of land with a 1.6 km long waterfront facility. It consists of more than 5000 employees directly and more than 12, 500 employees indirectly. In order to manage this huge employee strength, L&T required an Entrance Control Solution along with biometric system to facilitate check in and check out activities of employees as well to prevent any Unauthorized entry into the organizational premises Moreover, they wanted the entrance system to be synchronized together for convenient management from monitoring room.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Entrance control

TS1000 Pro
InBio 260
Software ZKAccess 3.5


After an extensive field analysis of the manufacturing facility , Zkteco offered TS 1000 Pro Tripod Turnstiles based entrance control solutions integrated with FR1200 fingerprint readers as well as Inbio 260 control panels for synchronized performance and management of the Turnstiles barriers . The system is capable of with standing long-term usage with SUS304 stainless steel body . By default , the tripod arms are held in a locked position , thus denying access to the secured side. Hence, only employees with pre-registered fingerprint access can pass through the system. Furthermore, the rotatory movement of the tripod arms provide access to only one member at a time offering a high-level security and facilitates the crowd. The employees need to punch their fingerprints in FR1200 readers embedded in the barriers to gain access to either inside or outside. On the other hand, people without pre-registered access won't be able enter into the organization preventing any external infiltration. During emergency circumstances the tripod arms completely collapse, thereby ensuring unencumbered exit to safety.In addition, the entrance control system was integrated with ZKAccess 3.5 for centralized device and employee management from the monitoring/admin room.

Products Offered:

FR1200 -fingerprint reader consisting of RS485 communication interface and compatible with biometric access controllers, including InBIO series controllers, F8, etc. It supports functions such as capturing and transferring fingerprint samples to access control panel. With its IP65 rated rugged structure and waterproof body, FR1200 offers extra durability in all weather conditions including outdoor environments.

In Bio 260-is IP-based Biometric Door Access Control Panel associated with FR Series readers which scans the fingerprints and rapidly communicate with Inbio via RS485 for instance access to the users. The system also contains RFID readers with Wiegand protocol for communication. The Inbio series provide additional access control functions to control lights, alarms and intrusion detection panels, locking devices and gate controllers via auxiliary relays programming. The system supports both TCP/P and RS-485 mediated communication with optional Wifi and Auto-discovery tool allows setting up and modification of network parameters directly and easily.

The device can handle up to 3000 fingerprint templates,30,000 badges and can store up to 100,000 events and transactions.

TS1000 Pro-single-lane tripod turnstile with 304 stainless steel body.


• Real-time visibility of check-in and check-out activities of users is being established and unauthorized entry is being prevented.

• Security of the manufacturing facility is enforced.

• Productivity of the security operators has been enhanced.

• Synchronized management of the entrance control systems from the monitoring room.

On-site Photo :

ZKTeco Provides Entrance Control Solution to Facilitate L&T Heavy Engineering Employees