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Maxim's Group – Tailor-Made Time & Attendance Management Solution with Kronos HR System Integration

Project Description

Founded in 1956, Maxim’s Caterers Limited (a company incorporated in Hong Kong) is a leading food and beverage company comprised of Chinese, Asian and European restaurants, quick service restaurants, bakery shops, coffee shops, Japanese chain restaurants and institutional catering, while providing a range of festive products, including the award-winning HONG KONG MX Mooncakes. It is also the licensee of renowned brands including Starbucks Coffee, Genki Sushi and IPPUDO Ramen, The Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack in various territories. Altogether, it has over 1,700 outlets in Hong Kong and Macau regions, Mainland China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. 

Our solution involves the newly applied time & attendance and access control management system of their factory in Tai Po. ZKTeco is honored to provide a complete solution of time & attendance management to them.

End User: Maxim's Group

Implementation Solution

Maxim's Group – Tailor-Made Time & Attendance Management Solution with Kronos HR System Integration

Flexible Human Resources Arran gement

Maxim’s Group’s factory site in Tai Po occupies a large area and employs numerous employees, their organization hierarchy consists of four categories including site code, department, group and area, and they have been using Kronos’s human resources system. Temporary and prompt staff movement in respect of their posts are required, conventional human resources management which involves complicated administration procedures and consumes time for communication only increases inefficiency of work. Thus they needed a more efficient attendance management system and more comprehensive hierarchy of administration for their convenience of flexibility allocating human resources for their daily needs.


ZKTeco applied BioTime 8.0 Time & Attendance Software and customized the database according to their organization hierarchy, and is able to, based on the four parameters including site code, department, group and area, automatically calculate and generate 5 major reports that suits their requirements. The software is equipped with Group Transfer functions, department heads may perform staff transfer from group to group according to their own needs, if a department requests one or multiple staffs from another department, the relevant department head will be immediately informed, the staff transfer can be handled upon approval. BioTime 8.0 software is able to integrate with Kronos’s human resources system that Maxim’s Group is using, and the databases can be interconnected to enable higher effciency of human resources and attendance management.

Direct Excel Import

As the client applies Microsoft Excel for roster management, and their staffs have been familiar with the existing system, if a newer system replaces with a completely new interface, then employees would be required to consume time and manual power to learn and adapt to it.


BioTime8.0 enables both direct roster management in the system and direct Microsoft Excel import. The software is able to directly read Excel and quickly perform roster management. Thus employees are enabled to remain the existing Excel roster management.

Reliable Biometric Verification Method

In order to ensure attendance accuracy and prevent fake punch-in or out, the conventional card punching has to be replaced as it does not satisfy the needs due to that it is not capable to verify if the card holder is the authentic person the card belongs to, yet a time & attendance system that truly veries and authenticates the persons punching in or out does. After having a deeper understanding of different time & attendance methods, our client required a hybrid biometric verication time & attendance system with face recognition function while maintaining card verification for flexibility.


ZKTeco installed 40 units of FaceDepot-7B and 40 units of SpeedFace-H5 Time & Attendance Facial Recognition Terminals, which offer high-performance facial recognition functions, with staffs’ face images registered, there are enabled to simply have their faces scanned to nish the entire verification process.

System Stability and Reliability

Maxim’s Group’s factory is a large one and employs numerous staffs, and it owns multiple brands with diversified products, thus it the factory has long operation hours. Thus a more stable and reliable system is required in order to avoid abnormality or error occurs which results in inaccuracy of data.


ZKTeco installed ZKBioHA System to monitor and protect server’s IP, applications and data I/O via HA technology. When application or server encounter failure, ZKBioHA automatically and quickly switch to the standby server, to guarantee continuous and seamless operation.

The system is equipped with Data Lock function, which enables data lockdown of attendance records in payroll calculation period, to ensure no unprecise calculation occurs caused by deleting or modifying data. 

All data is transmitted through HTTPS, to ensure data transmission is not interfered or stolen.

Enhancing Administration Effciency

Roster management, leave, attendance and other human resources tasks are often administrative procedures that consumes time and manpower, and as paper-based work is still generally applied by many enterprises, work efficiency is much disadvantaged. An enterprise as large as Maxim’s Group that needs to manage such factory area and numerous human resource requires a more efficient method of attendance management.


BioTime 8.0 is a web-based software which enables multi-person operation, once registered and logged in, all staffs are able to review and preform various administrative procedures. BioTime 8.0 enables online leave approval, staffs may apply for different types of leaves via the system, and management staffs may review and perform the entire approval progress in the system. The system also supports multi-approval of leaves, all relevant persons will be informed with email delivery.

BioTime 8.0 enables report customized according to actual needs or report formats, and automatically calculates and exports various types of reports, no more time consuming extra manual data input and calculation are needed anymore.

BioTime 8.0 also offers mobile application for both Android and iOS for staffs to perform attendance procedures everywhere.


System Device Name Device Model Device Quantity
Entrance Control Facial Recognition Terminal FaceDepot-7B 40
Facial Recognition Terminal SpeedFace-H5 40
Time & Attendance Software BioTime 8.0