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HKTV Mall - Office Building Access Control Management Case Study

Project Description : 

Project site: Tseung Kwan O (Hong Kong) ;

Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV) is a Hong Kong television station. HKTV provides an over-the-top shopping and entertainment platform named HKTV Mall. It aims to provide a variety of programmes to cater and entertain customers, and commenced broadcasting on 19 November 2014 through live broadcasting and video on demand. 

HKTV Mall is a one-stop online shopping platform of Hong Kong. Television Network Limited (“HKTV”), with over 500 overseas & local brands and stores, and beyond 6,000,000 products including direct Japan & Korea imported fashion and accessories, food and grocery, beauty & health, household & lifestyle, electronics, baby & kid, etc., it aims to serve every aspect of customers’ daily lives.

Client Requirements

All-in-one Security Platform

HKTV desired to have a high level security covering all areas of its E-commerce Distribution Centre. However, as a premise fore-commerce operation, there are multiple floors and a wide surface area with complex and rapid logistics and distribution processes. If a plenty of access control systems are deployed separately in different areas, the difficulty of personnel management would be severely increased. Thus, a completely all-in-one access control system instead of installing different systems are their needs in order to conveniently and centrally manage the entire site anytime and anywhere.

Specific Permission and Duration of Access

Due to the nature of the projected site, it involves a lot of logistics process, clients’ goods and their personal information including contacts and delivery address are stored, HKTV also required that they would be able to flexibly set different permissions and durations of access according to the actual needs. Some levels with confidential information or storage are only open to a group of permitted staffs in a certain duration.

Access Control Report

A scale enterprise as HKTV is, they have a well-established management method. Thus, they required an access control system that is able to automatically generate access control reports with detailed information including names, locations and access status etc.

Implementation Solution


Device Name
Device Model
Access Control
Access Control Panel
Access Control Panel
Card Reader
Card Reader

Technical Features/Solution

• The applied access control solution involves 20 units of InBioPro460 access control panels, 35 units of InBioPro260 access control panels, 55 units of ProID20BM card reader and 45 units of ProID30BM card reader. They are deployed in all accesses in the buildings, including the existing swing barriers installed by our client, they are embedded with ZKTeco’s controllers to form a complete access control system.

• All staffs or any other person who needs to have entry to the buildings are required to be issued cards for access. Guests are also given cards upon successful visitor registrations.

• All access control panels and readers of the buildings are connected to and are centrally managed by the ZKBioSecurity access control software. This web-based security platform enables central remote control of access and real-time remote monitoring of all access control status.

• Management staffs are able to make specific permissions for certain levels in specific timeslots with different verification methods.For example, a certain group of staffs are permitted to have access to a certain floor in a specific timeslot with their cards. They are allowed to have access to the floor anytime if they have successful password verification.

Function Description

• ZKBioSecurity is an access control system management platform based on the browser/server architecture. Users can access and log in to the platform directly from browsers and view the verification conditions of all connected devices in real time on the browsers. Automatic generation of access reports are also available.

• ZKBioSecurity is an all-in-one web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco. The version applied in this project is an 3.0.3 ver. with superb security functions such as HTTPS encrypted communication, doors emergency lockdown, up to 66 bits flexible card format, personnel multi-card support, smart data analysis and the latest add on - the Patrol Module - to efficiently manage security guards patrol tours using the existing access control readers, reducing costs and ensuring patrol tasks.

On-site Photo :

Office Building Access Control Management  Office Building Access Control Management

Office Building Access Control Management  Office Building Access Control Management