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Home Page > Solution > Case Studies >UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - WESTERN BAINOONA GROUP Time Attendance & Entrance Control Management Case Study

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - WESTERN BAINOONA GROUP Time Attendance & Entrance Control Management Case Study

Project Description

Project Site: United Arab Emirates

Western Bainoona Group (WBG) is a well-known company in UAE who serves people and companies in the sectors related to road and infrastructures, crushers and quarries, transportation trucks, and heavy equiments and has completed many famous projects like Abu Dhabi Island Road Connection, Etihad Rail, and Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Currently, they have more than 3,000 employees who are assigned in dierent sites and oces.

ZKTeco provided a complete attendance and entrance control solution.

End User: Western Bainoona Group

Client Requirements

Real-time Attendance Location

WBG has dierent infrastructures going on in the whole region of UAE. In order to monitor each eld workers’ attendance logs and location in real-time, the client required a rugged time attendance machines that are able to send not just the attendance logs but also the current location of the workers to the time attendance software.

High Level Time Attendance Terminal

Aside from the need of portable time attendance terminal on the sites, the client also required a high level time and attendance device located in the main oce to record attendance of the oce employees.

Centralized Time Management Software

Administrative department required to monitor all employee and eld workers’ attendance. In order to do this, they have required a time attendance software to manage all attendance accurately and eciently in one platform. Time attendance devices on dierent elds and on the main oce needs to be accessed and monitored in a system.

High Level Security Solution

WBG has its labour camp intended as a residential area of the eld workers on dierent sites. To protect the workers from unauthorized entries, they required a high security turnstile on the entrance gate of the camp. Card or ngerprint verication can be used to enter the perimeter.

Entrance Control Management

To prevent unauthorized access, the client required a turnstile to be installed on the main oce whereas they can also monitor the personnel’s attendance logs through it. They have also required a turnstile that is compatible with wheelchair access.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model


Entrance Control

Flap Barrier Turnstile


Flap Barrier Turnstile

FBL4022W (for disabled)

Full Height Turnstile


Access Control

Access Control Software

ZKBioSecurity 3.0


Time Attendance

Portable Time Attendance Terminal


Time Attendance Terminal


Time Attendance Software


Technical Features

• Deployed FHT2322 full height turnstile on the entrance gate of the labour camp to control people access.
It has been equipped with inBioPro access controller that can connect to ZKBioSecurity software.
• Two-lane fap barrier FBL4022 series were installed on the entrance lobby of the main ofce: normal lane
and a dual-lane turnstile. Same as the FHT2322, personnel can either enter using fngerprint or card. The
attendance logs will push from ZKBioSecurity to BioTime software to generate attendance reports.
• The client has connected their fre alarm system to the ZKBioSecurity software to fully manage all security
and safety procedures in their ofce and labour camp.
• The client has deployed S922 rugged portable time and attendance terminal that is equipped with GPS
function that will send real-time attendance logs and location via 3G communication to the BioTime
software. All S922 devices were used in diferent locations where the client has its ongoing infrastructures,
quarries, etc.
• G3 time attendance devices were installed in the main ofce to record attendance logs of ofce
employees. These devices are connected to BioTime software for data synchronization and
attendance report generation.
• ZKBioSecurity was integrated with BioTime software to get the logs from access control software
then sending it to BioTime. BioTime software then will generate monthly attendance reports of
all employees.
• The client required customized reports from the BioTime software which ZKTeco has developed.

Solution Function

• FHT2300 series are designed with SUS304 stainless steel cabinet that is capable to withstand the rising
heat in UAE.
• FBL4000 series is a ap barrier turnstile that can be installed indoor or outdoor (with shade) and can be
equipped with multiple verication modes.
• ZKBioSecurity is the ultimate “All-in-One” web-based security platform that contains multiple integrated
modules like access control, visitor management, elevator control, parking, guard patrol, video linkage,
hotel, and much more.
• BioTime is a web-based software that is able to connect and synchronize devices in multiple location
within the same “Area”. It can calculate and generate more than 10 kinds of attendance reports.
• S922 is a portable time attendance terminal with rubber casing and can withstand up to 1-meter drop
with IP65 protection rating. It can communicate to time attendance software through TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, or 3G.
• G3 is a project-oriented multi-biometric time attendance terminal that is able to precisely authenticate
dry, wet, or rough ngerprints eciently and accurately.