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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - SDAA Time and Attendance Management Case Study

Project Description

Project Site: United Arab Emirates

Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority (SDAA) is a government administration, established to
collect documents that present a sound material to the history of Sharjah (one of the seven Emirates of
UAE). Their goal is to preserve and archive documents related to the cultural and historical view of the emirate.
ZKTeco provided a complete time attendance and access control solution to the customer.
End User: Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority

Client Requirements

Access Control Solution

As a government organization, the need of extra security is a must. The client requires to control all access
in each doors of the main ofce in order to monitor those who access the rooms especially the restricted ones.
They require an access control software to connect and control all the access control terminals that will be installed.

Time and Attendance Solution

Aside from the need of controlling the access, the client also requires a time attendance terminal to
monitor and record the attendance logs of all the employees. They need a time attendance software that
will allow both an administrator and employee log-in.

Time Attendance Mobile Application

The client requires a time attendance mobile application for both administrator and employee.
Administrator need to monitor real-time attendance logs, employee requests, and pending and approved
requests on mobile application. They also require that the employees can apply for leave, training, etc.
using mobile application

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model


Time Attendance

Time Attendance Terminal


Access Control Software


Time Attendance Mobile Application



Access Control

Access Control Panel

inBioPro 460

Fingerprint and Card Reader


Exit Button


Access Control Software


Technical Features

• FR1200 fngerprint readers were deployed in all entrance of the rooms in the main ofce. On the other hand, to go out of the room we have installed EX-801B exit button. All of these were connected to the inBioPro access control panel to control the doors.

• ZKBioSecurity software were installed in client administrator PC to control all access terminals and give access to authorized personnel. Up to 20 doors has been activated in the software.

• G3 time attendance and access control terminal has been deployed on the main entrance to collect and record attendance logs of all the employees.

• BioTime software was deployed to monitor all employee’s attendance logs. A monthly report was sent to HR department for payroll calculation and employee performance assessment.

• Connected to BioTime software, 100 devices BioTime mobile application was deployed for administrator and employee use. Employees check their attendance records and apply leave, trainings, etc. in the mobile app for convenience. While administrator can check everything both on software and mobile application.


• HTTPS customization on the time attendance device and software.

• Attendance log integration from ZKBioSecurity to BioTime software.

Solution Function

inBioPro 460 is an advanced access controller perfect match for ZKBioSecurity web-based software providing a full-featured biometric security solution. In combination wiht FR1200 RS485 reader, the panels can authenticate users under multiple verifcation modes such as fngerprint, card, and password for a

higher security level.

• ZKBioSecurity is the ultimate “All-in-One” web-based security platform that contains multiple integrated modules like access control, visitor management, elevator control, parking, guard patrol, video linkage, hotel, and much more.

• G3 is a high-level multi-biometric time attendance and access control terminal which can support up to 3,000 faces, 5,000 fngerprints, and 10,000 cards.

• BioTime is a web-based time management software that is able to connect thousands of time attendance device which can be remotely managed anywhere using a web browser.

• ZKBioTime App is a real-time attendance solution where employees can report their attendance wherever they are just by using their smart phones. Administrator and approver can track recent punches of employees, approve/reject requests from employees, view attendance reports and much more.