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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - EMIRATES PARK ZOO Entrance Control Management Case Study

Project Description

Project Site: United Arab Emirates

Emirates Park Zoo, launched in 2008, is the frst private zoo in the UAE built with menu of features, attractions, and interactive activities. The zoo which is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE is a wonder world that combines a zoo, aquarium, petting zoo, animal shows, interactive sessions, cultural shows, and a lot more.

Home to 1,700 animals, the zoo is popular since there is an available well-appointed resort that allows a premium lookouts over various animal zones.

End User: Emirates Park Zoo

Client Requirements

Barcode Ticket Number

The client has an existing tripod turnstile installed in the entrance of the zoo. They have required to put barcode scanner on the turnstile. Barcode tickets are issued to all visitors once they have done the payment in the counter before entering the zoo.
The client has barcode ticket numbers which they need to import from excel to the access control software.

Automatic Deletion of Barcode Transactions

The zoo is visited by a large number of visitors per day. In order to avoid double transactions and mismatches, the client requires to clear all barcode ticket numbers in the software after 24 hours.
Centralized Time Management Platform

Personnel Verifcation

Not only the visitors need access when coming in, all the zoo personnel needs to verify identity as well to record their logs in the software. The client requires a card or fngerprint reader to be installed in the existing tripod turnstile.

Access Control Software

The client requires all barcode ticket numbers and personnel’s card/fngerprint access to be synchronized in one platform which can perform a full access control functions. The client also need the software to perform the barcode ticket number import and automatic deletion function.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model


Access Control

Fingerprint & Card Reader


Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Access Control Panel

inBio460 Pro

Access Control Software

ZKBioSecurity 3.0

Technical Features

• ZKTeco integrated barcode scanners on the client’s existing tripod turnstiles to scan visitor’s barcode ticket number in order to enter the zoo. The client has their own barcode ticket numbers which they have imported from excel document to the ZKBioSecurity software.

• ZKBioSecurity software was customized to automatically delete barcode transactions after 24 hours.

• FR1200 card and fngerprint readers were also installed in all the turnstiles to give access to all the personnel of Emirates Zoo. All readers were connected to inBioPro controllers which ZKTeco installed in all the turnstiles. inBioPro controllers will then communicate with the ZKBioSecurity software.

• ZKBioSecurity software was deployed to manage all access on the zoo which will make the entire premise safe. Along with the turnstile, it will monitor all visitor and personnel access and prevent unauthorized access.

Solution Function

• ZKBioSecurity is the ultimate “All-in-One” web-based security platform that contains multiple integrated modules like access control, visitor management, elevator control, parking, guard patrol, video linkage, hotel, and much more.

• inBioPro 460 is an advanced access controller perfect match for ZKBioSecurity web-based software providing a full-featured biometric security solution. In combination wiht FR1200 RS485 reader, the panels can authenticate users under multiple verifcation modes such as fngerprint, card, and password for a higher security level.