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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Arabtec Time and Attendance Management Case Study

Project Description
Project Site: United Arab Emirates
Arabtec Construction is a part of Arabtec group who delivers social and economic infrastructure projects including high-rise developments, airport terminals, luxury villas, and iconic landmarks in UAE and the rest of GCC, North Africa, and Asia.
Established in 1975, Arabtec has completed more than 200 projects including the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Louvre in Abu Dhabi.
ZKTeco provided time attendance solution to each construction site and ofce of the client.
End User: Arabtec Construction

Client Requirements

High Level Verifcation

Because of the working environment, construction workers have the tendency to have a dry, rough, or wet fngerprints. The client required a high level fngerprint verifcation that can recognize fngerprints in diferent conditions. Fast verifcation speed was also required to minimize the queueing of construction workers.

Centralized Time Management System

The client has diferent projects that are currently running all over the UAE. In each construction site, the client needs to install 4-7 time attendance devices that needs to be synchronized together. The client required to monitor all attendance devices from diferent locations in one system.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model

Time Attendance

Time Attendance Terminal


Time Attendance Software


Technical Features
• Arabtec Construction has diferent projects currently going on in the whole UAE. ZKTeco has deployed around 70 units of G3 time and attendance terminals in each construction sites. Before entering and leaving the construction premises, all workers need to punch in and out in order to record their attendance in to the system. High level time attendance terminals have been used for a fast verifcation speed and to avoid trafc while punching in or out.
• 4-7 units of G3 have been installed in each construction site which are synchronized together. This was made possible by defning the “Area” in the BioTime software. Example, one construction site has 5 units of G3 and has been defned as “Area 1” . Another construction has 6 units of G3 and has been defned as “Area 2”. Only the attendance devices in “Area 1” will keep data synchronization and so on.
• Some G3 devices were installed in the main ofce to keep attendance tracking of all ofce employees.
• All G3 devices were connected to the centralized time attendance software, BioTime. BioTime keeps the attendance records of all construction workers and ofce employees in one platform. It creates an accurate and precise attendance reports that can be exported every month.

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