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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Al Khayyat Investments Multi-Location Centralized Time Attendance System Case Study

Project Description

Project Site: United Arab Emirates

Al Khayyat Investments is a family-owned company that operates through diverse operations divided to sixbusiness units - Retail, Consumer, Contracting, Healthcare, Strategic Investments & Automotive. 

Founded in 1982, AKI has now established a strong partnership with leading brands in the UAE building many proftable partnerships based on transparency and equitability.

The role of ZKTeco is to provide a centralized time and attendance system to around 200 outlets, ofce, and construction buses all over the UAE region.

End User: Al Khayyat Investments

Client Requirements

Time Attendance Terminals

UAE has been the hub of expatriates in Middle East with a total of 90% and time attendance terminals has been an important tool for most of the companies. In this busy country, each companies need to monitor employee attendance efciently and conveniently whereas the client required to install time and attendance terminals in all their outlets, ofce, and construction sites.

Multiple verifcation methods suitable in diferent needs

Providing multiple verifcation methods ofers convenience to the users. Facial recognition is a touchless biometric verifcation that can be used for a higher level of security while fngerprint verifcation assures avoidance of buddy punching. The client required both verifcations to be installed in diferent locations such as retail outlets, main ofce, and buses.

Centralized Time Management Platform

The client has around 200 retail outlets located in diferent parts of UAE. The outlets are composed of garment shops, pharmaceutical stores, lifestyle and health shops, etc. In addition, they also have their construction works happening in UAE. The client has required to monitor all the time and attendance terminals from diferent locations in one platform.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model

Time Attendance

Time Attendance Terminal


Time Attendance Terminal


Time Attendance Terminal


Time Attendance Software


Access Control

Access Control Terminal

BioPro SA30

Access Control Terminal


Technical Features

• 114 units of iFace950 time attendance terminals have been deployed in all retail outlets like garment shops, pharmaceutical stores, lifestyle and health shops, etc. These devices keep track of the attendance of every staf in each outlet.

• 15 units of S922 portable time attendance terminals have been installed in client’s diferent construction sites. Before entering and leaving the construction sites, labourers need to punch on the machine to record their attendance.

• 2 units of G3 have been deployed in the main ofce and all the biometric templates and data on both devices were automatically synchronizing.

• All of the time and attendance devices were connected to the BioTime software to monitor employee attendance accurately and efectively. Each month, the HR department is generating attendance reports to calculate the performance of each employee.

• More than 10 units of BioPro SA30 access control devices were deployed on server and private rooms to control and prevent unauthorized access.

• 2 units of ProCapture-T access control devices were installed on the client’s warehouse.

• Both BioPro SA30 and ProCapture-T access control devices were connected to BioTime software. BioTime has an access control module where the client can defne diferent access levels on the devices.

Customization: BioTime software has been integrated to the client’s database - Oracle Solaris.