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Golf Lake Residence in Indonesia —Access Control Case Study

Project Description : 

Project Site: Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat ;  

Golf Lake Residence is an exclusive residential area in Jakarta. There are 6 housing estates and around 3000 residents in Golf Lake Residence. Its facilities include Fish Pond, Children Playground, Barbeque Area, Reflexology Path, Flower Garden, Sculpture, Water Feature, Fitness Center, Club House.

Client Requirements

All-in-one Security Platform

A scalable residential project as the Golf Lake Residence is, it needs to manage a large group of residents and visitors every day. Other than the main gate, it requires a complementary security system including Personnel, Access Control, Elevator Control, Video Linkage, Carpark and other modules and offers both ability to perform large number security management and efficiency.

Visitor Management System

As there are so many couriers, water supply, plumbers and relatives and friends that will visit residence every day except residents, there were needs to have a visitor management system that can realize visitor enrollment and set the access level for visitors.

Real-time and Remote Monitoring

Our client needs that they would be able to centrally the monitor the entire security management operation in the entire site, and all access logs are able to be reviewed anytime.

Blacklist and Alarm Functions

Our client also requires a system in which blacklist function is supported and alarms will be generated for blacklist to ensure security. It also requires a system management software which adopts their architectures of browsers and servers, and customizable and exportable reports can be generated.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model

Access Control


ZKBioSecurity 3.0

Access Control

Card Reader


Access Control

Card Reader


Access Control

Parking Barrier


Access Control

Parking Barrier


Access Control



Video Surveillance

IP Camera



Technical Features

• The All-in-one Solution includes 5 units of KR100 Card Readers, 15 units of KR 503 Card Readers, 8 units of PB1010L Parking Barriers, 8 units of PB1010R Parking Barriers, 2 units of TS1011 Turnstiles, and 20 units of GT-BB513 IP Cameras. They are all centrally connected to 9 units of inBioPro 260 Access Control Panels and are managed by the ZKTeco signature Web-Based security system ZKBioSecurity.

• Web Based Management System is enabled with the application of ZKBioSecurity, which is able to perform central management of the entire access control system.

• In order to legally access, verification of residents or visitors’ is required. They are only eligible to access to the areas they are authorized to after successful verification. As per client’s requirement, not all residents can enter GYM and Swimming Pool except VIP members. VIP members can use one card both for access control and GYM and Swimming Pool. ZKBioSecurity realizes the multi-application card function.

• The card readers are embedded with parking barriers for through-fare functions and carpark access, which realizes All-in-one access control solution (From Entrance Gate, Visitor to Door Access).

• All controllers are centrally managed by the ZKBioSecurity access control software. This web-based security platform enables real-time remote monitoring of all access control status. It also enables access report generation.

• Visitor module is deployed for guest registration. It is also able to perform guest last check in site checking.

Function Description

• Web-Based Platform

Web based platform is enabled with the application of ZKBioSecurity 3.0 which offers remote access control, real-time remote monitoring and easy access.

• Access Control Report

The system is able to automatically generate access control reports with detail information (Name, location, access status, etc.).

• One Platform

The system is also able to manage vehicle through-fare, VMS and VIP members of GYM in one platform. ZKBioSecurity includes Personnel, Access Control, VMS, Video Linkage and other modules. It can connect with passage Auto-gate to realize gate controlling.

On-site Photo :

Golf Lake Residence in Indonesia Access Control