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Lei Shan Hospital in Ezhou China Access Control Management Case Study

Project Description :
Project Site : Ezhou, Hubei, China

As a global biometric verification enterprise, ZKTeco has been striving for providing safe and efficient products. Given the prevailing novel coronavirus infection, especially in Ezhou, China with a relatively large number of infection cases and the lack of medical manpower and resources, which has brought intense pressure to the pandemic control and patient treatment, Lei Shan Hospital has been in response built as an emergency specialty field hospital in Hubei China.

End User : Lei Shen Shan Hospital, Wuhan China

Client Requirements

Installation Quickness

ZKTeco was informed and required in 13th February to provide an access control solution in the critical moment of the entire world against the virus, we were asked to complete the entire access control system of all 230 access points in different areas of the Hospital no later than 17th February. Given the large size of the size and the quantity of devices, it requires a system that is easily installed to save time yet reliable access control function.

Reliable Central Monitoring Ability

As a critical premise handling patients who are highly infectious, any access leakage will cause serious hygiene crisis, all patients must be closely monitored and no unauthorized access should be allowed. Thus monitoring staffs must have close control of the entire site and have instant recognition in case any unauthorized access or exit occur anywhere, an efficient central monitoring system controlling all access control devices is required.

Implementation Solution

Configurations :


Device Name

Device Model

Device Quantit

Access Control

Access Controller



Access Control Card Reader



Door Lock




ZKBioSecurity V5000



Technical Features :

Functional Description

• 456 units of ZKTeco KR200M Access Control Readers, 456 units of ZK-280 Door Locks, 230 units of C3-200 Access Controllers have been deployed at all access points of the entire site of Lei Shan Hospital.

• Each access point is installed with 2 units of readers and 2 units of door locks, one set for access verification and another set for exit verification.

• Considering the ultimately prioritized need of installation quickness, it requires a system as simple and direct as better, an easy-to-install KR200M wiegand card reader has been selected.

• Each staff is issued with one card with their personal information registered for access.

• Generally, card issuing is a cause of inefficiency as it consumes more time and manpower than simply registering users’ fingerprints and face images. However, as the patients are not authorized to have access and exits on their own, thus it is not necessary to a large number of cards since only staffs needs card. Card and password verification hence become the best methods satisfying the requirements.

• All KR200M Readers and ZL-280 Locks are centrally connected to the C2-200 Access Controllers, and are centrally controlled by the ZKBioSecurity V5000 Access Control Software. All access control status can be reviewed anytime and access control reports can be easily generated.

• The KR Series is the main accessories line of external wiegand readers for all our access control devices. Its reading range is up to 10cm (125KHz) / 5cm (13.56MHz). With an elegant and robust design, they are easy to connect and install, and offer the possibility to control one door from both sides. The reader is 125kHz proximity ID card number with wiegand output of 26bit. 

• C3 series' versatile design features take care of present and future needs with ease and efficiency. It is one of the most rugged and reliable controllers on the market, with a multitude of built-in features.

• The C3 series control panel can communicate at 38.4 Kbps via RS-485 configuration or Ethernet TCP/IP networks. It can store up to 30,000 cardholders. SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for the customer to integrate the controller into existing access control software or to develop new software.

• ZKBioSecurity is an ultimate “All-in-One” web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains multiple integrated modules: access control, time & attendance, consumption management, elevator control, visitor management, parking, guard patrol, FaceKiosk and intelligent facial recognition camera management, video (VMS) and other sub-systems. All sub-systems support both single-unit deployment and flexible deployment combination of multiple modules with effective linkage; and provide powerful integration capabilities and user visual data presentation analysis for various industries, truly achieving large-scale system-wide security intelligent management.