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Vehicle Management Solution in Saudi Arabia

Automatic Number Plate Verification System with License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera solution.

Applications in Saudi Arabia

License plate recognition is leading in smart parking management.

What We Can Provide – The Best All-in-one Vehicle Management Solution

The license plate recognition system is designed for vehicle access management. With this system, we not only can ensure high security and fast access management but also can realize parking charge management. In China, the license plate recognition system has basically achieved full coverage of vehicle entrance and exit management, which has gradually become a trend in overseas.

Implementation Solution

About Project

Smart Landfill for Truck and Vehicle Management

Jeddah Landfill has over 1200 trucks transport for all kind of scraps, and each kind of trucks has a different uploading/loading locations. The Automatic Number plate Verification System with LPR camera, UHF reader, QR-Code reader and traffic light are deployed as the solution to satisfy smart vehicle management requirements. Upon trucks’ arrival to any main gate and successful verification, drivers are instructed to different specific scales. After weighing they are instructed to go to specific locations. With the Smart Guidance System, the management costs are greatly reduced and efficiency is significantly enhanced.

3* 3km2 Waste Recycling Park

The landfill has a main gate section and a scale section which is equipped with an auto weighing system. The landfill also includes a recycling section and a wash station etc.

Four Types of Car Management

There are three types of vehicles: Contracted Operator, Clients or Visitor. There are different ways of entrance and different locations for different types.

Project Details

The project is deployed with a smart entrance control solution that includes 7 channel, each channel has been deployed with 1 unit of LPRS1000 License Plate Recognition Integrated Machine with 1 unit of UHF1-10 Long distance RFID reader and 1units QR code reader and 1 unit of PB4000 parking barrier. ZKBioSecurity web-based security platform is applied for central management.

1. Fixed Vehicle Recognition Accuracy 100%

Contractor’s and operator’s vehicles which car plate numbers and UHF tag number are already registered in the system. Some Clients and visitors will register car plate number and a QR-code before entry. All kinds of cars will be needed to be verified by the system.

2. No Human Interaction Needed

Through the system's intelligent display and voice prompts, the driver can reach the corresponding weighing point to complete the weighing according to the system guide without confirmation with anyone.

3. Integration with AFAQY system

ZKBioSecurity system is integrated with Afaqy for Data interaction, which enables record and device status. Afaqy system will be using ZKBioSecurity API for personnel management.

Solution Design and Workflow

ZKBioSecurity system can separate different types of trucks. Any device which includes LPR /UHF reader / QR-Code reader will be recognized and will be instructed with voice to specific scale and location. Some trucks need to go to the washroom before going to the exit scale. If not, a notification will be sent to the system.

Vehicle Management Solution in Saudi Arabia

Vehicle Management Solution in Saudi Arabia

Device name
Device Module
Entrance control
License Plate Recognition Integrated Machine
Parking Barrier
All-in-One" web-based security platform
Long Distance RFID Reader
QR-Code reader
Traffic light

Product Features :

• Supports external infrared radiation and
vehicle loop detector for anti-crash function
• Die-casting aluminum alloy motor

• Wheel manual release in case of power cut

• Reading distance up to 12m
• Long distance fifixed vehicle access management

• Outdoor use (IP66)


• Web-based platform
• Complete security management platform
• Read-time monitoring

• Report Statistics Management

• Permanete algorithom upgrate service
• Customized display and voice

• Unibody structure