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Time Attendance and Access Control Solution for One of the Largest Sugar Refinery in Middle East

Project Description : 

Etihad Food Industry is one of the largest sugar refinery factory in Middle East established in 2012 in Midhtah area in Babylon governorate with a total of 100 acres and producing a capacity of up to 3000 tons of refined white sugar daily.

The company owned more than 200 trucks to transport raw sugar from Om Qaser port to company site and also transport refined sugar to local market.

Client Requirements

High-Level Face and Fingerprint Attendance Device

Registration and attendance machines for more than 1,200 employees to be placed in a 100-acres sugar mill.

Tripod Turnstile with Face Recognition Terminal

The factory need 10 face recognition turnstiles used for entrance and 10 for exit.

Time Attendance Software

The client needs an attendance software that can generate payroll and attendance reports according to each

Implementation Solution


BioTime 6.0 
1,200 employees
Hardware Time Attendance Device
Tripod Turnstile
TS2133 (one side face device) 

Project Solution

G3 time attendance and access control machine is part of ZKTeco’s Green Label product line which is a project-oriented high-end product line loaded with high level features such as the revolutionary Silk ID - FBI Certified (PIV07100) - fingerprint sensor with 3D NFPV technology capable to provide an exceptional performance toward dry, wet, and rough fingerprint which makes it an ideal use for people working in factories. SilkID has one of the industry’s most powerful fake finger detection that is presented by ZKTeco’s Silicon Valley Laboratory in USA. It has a new face algorithm which makes it more secure to avoid duplicate faces. The new hardware platform is equipped with a fast 1.2GHz processor that rapidly increases the verification speed.

The time attendance device is placed in different departments of a 100-acre factory. Each department composed of 10-30 staff. In the factory where all the sugar processing and refining is done comprises the largest number of laborers and so 10 units of TS2133 one-side face turnstile were placed in the entrance and another 10 units for the exit. TS2133 is a compact and cost-effective IP54 tripod turnstile designed for smooth and silent operation, reducing power consumption, mechanical wear, and tear. The terminal offers a slim, two-legged casework made of SUS304 stainless steel ideal for areas with high traffic.The attendance device used in the turnstiles were also G3.

The attendance monitoring and reports are handled by the HR and Technical department using BioTime 6.0 web-based time attendance software obtaining a precise and smooth workflow. The software is automatically synchronizing the data between the devices among the same “Area” ensuring all the information are monitored and updated in real time.

Using the basic payroll module of the software, the HR can calculate the wages of each employees according to their workloads. The HR can also generate a monthly attendance report to monitor their performances.

Special Requirement

Arabic Time Attendance Software

Time attendance software in Arabic language makes it easy and convenient to use for the client. BioTime 6.0 is a developed web-based time attendance software especially designed for Middle East and Asian countries/market.

Multi-language Time Attendance Terminal

The high level face and fingerprint attendance device supports Arabic language.

Protection Cover for G3 Time Attendance Device

The client required a protection cover for all the 50 units G3 time attendance device for safety purposes in case somebody break or steal the device.

On-site Photo :

Time Attendance and Access Control Solution

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