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S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd. –Globally-leading Electronic Supply Chain Services Provider in Hong Kong

Project Description:

S.A.S. GROUP is a leading electronic supply chain services provider in the Greater China region and ranked by Gartner as top 9 global semiconductor distributor in 2018 and the first China/Hong Kong based distributor in top 10. The Group specializes in design, development, sourcing, quality assurance and logistics management of global proprietary electronic components and semiconductor products including chipset solutions, display panels, memory chips, power supply system solutions, multimedia system solutions, PEMCO, IoT home automation solutions, light-emitting diode (“LED”) lighting solutions and other premier solutions for a wide range of applications for mobile, consumer electronics, computer and networking, telecommunication and LED lighting products. The Group is also a distributor of innovative environmental-friendly lifestyle enhancement finished products under and our owned brands of and in the Asia Pacific region. S.A.S. Group serves more than 100 famous semiconductor suppliers and over 10,000 customers such as electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”) providers, original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, valued-added resellers, retailers and end customers and has more than 20 sales offices in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

Our solution involves the S.A.S Group’s newly established headquarter in Hong Kong. As the headquarter is a 22-storey building with more than 40 access points, they wish to have complete security of the entire mansion rather than just securing the main gate. ZKTeco is honoured to provide a complete solution of security and time & attendance to them.

Project Site: SAS Tower, 55 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

End User: S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd.

Implementation Solution

Solution Details:

A. Complete Security

The headquarter of the S.A.S Group in Hong Kong is a large building with multiple areas with different uses including offices, meeting rooms, warehouses and some high-security warehouses for luxury goods, thus they required to havefully-functional system that could ensure them to have effective access control and other areas including the indoor environments. Apart from verifying only persons who are authorized to access, they also wished to only grant persons only rights of their designated access and also the use of the elevators they are allowed to.


• A ProCapture-T Standalone Access Control Terminal is deployed at each access point including main entrance and all other doors.

• Each S.A.S. Group’s staffs is issued with a staff card registered with their personal information, fingerprint data and passwords. They are required to have their cards read by the access control terminal in order to have access.

• Apart from staffs’ personal and fingerprint data, the cards also stored their particular rights of access, and it indicates that a staff, unless with special extra permission, may only access his or her workspace to ensure no unnecessary access is granted.

• The elevators in the building are also deployed with ZKTeco’s Elevator Control System. The system is interlinked with the ProCapture-T so users are only granted rights to use the elevators after successful verification of their identities with their staff cards. Like the access control system, users are only allowed to access the designated levels they are authorized to.

B. Instant Notification and Monitoring of Abnormality

Apart from access control and elevator control, our client also wanted to be fully notified in case and illegal access is detected or any other abnormality occurs. Conventionally, video surveillance cameras and alarm system are deployed for manual monitoring. However monitoring a 22-storey building with more than 40 doors manually would not be effective, thus they required an effective system that could actively recognize illegal access, deliver notifications and provide instant monitoring of any abnormality.

S.A.S is already using Honeywell’s alarm system including alarms and sirens that detects and warns security staffs in case any intrusion is detected. However, like other conventional alarm system, manual checking is required in case alarm and siren is triggered. Our client required a more effective method to improve their intrusion detection system.


• All access points are deployed with surveillance systems consisting of DVR and IP Cameras produced by HIKVision, which are fully compatible with ZKTeco’s access control system for surveillance use.

• As the surveillance system is connected to the access control system, in case any illegal access or abnormality of verification is detected by the system, surveillance will be automatically triggered to pop-up broadcast at the real-time monitoring panel and save a 30-second clip to ensure critical video evidences are not missed.

• The existing Honeywell alarm system is remained for its high reliability and quality that ZKTeco will never refuse to recognize. We thus connected the alarm system to our deployed InBio access control panel to form an interlinkage system, then security staffs are now able to monitor the entire alarm status via the E-map in the ZKTeco access control management software ZKBioSecurity in case any abnormality occurs and any alarm and siren are triggered, and remote cancellation of them are also now enabled.

C. Different Access Controls Levels for Different Time Slots

Our client required to have a more flexible access control management according to their needs, their required to have quicker and convenient access in peak hours of access and normal working period, and a stricter access level after normal office hours and on non-working days.


• As mentioned, the staff cards issued to all staffs store their personal information, fingerprint data and passwords.During normal working hours, staffs are only required to present their cards to be read by the access control terminals in order to obtain access. In other periods, staffs who need access are required to scan their cards, scan fingerprints and insert passwords in order to access to enhance security level.

• Fingerprints are actually stored in the staffs cards but not the terminal nor any database in the access control system as privacy matters are concerned, fingerprints are also strictly encrypted to avoid any illegal reading and to protect staffs’ privacy.



Device Name

Device Model

Device Quantity

Entrance Control

Access Control Standalone Terminal



Access Controller



Elevator Control

Elevator Controller


Elevator Controller


Technical Features:

• The entrances of the site are deployed with 3 units of FBL Series Flap Barriers, including 2 units of FBL 4000 and 1 unit of FBL4200 to form a 3-channel entrance and it is equipped with QR code scanners.

• All visitors are required to purchase tickets prior to their entries. The tickets are delivered with QR codes containing related entry information. Barcode readers are integrated into the tripod turnstiles. Passengers allowed to access after they present their tickets to be scanned by the readers embedded in the tripod turnstiles.

• They are allowed to exit only after successful ticket scanning. All tickets are only available one-time to avoid any repeated use.

• 6 units of TS2000 Tripod Turnstiles are deployed at the entrance. Each is installed with FR1200 Fingerprint Sensor.

• All regular users’ identities are registered with their fingerprints recorded for access. All fingerprints are read by the reader. Thus they no longer need to obtain QR codes every time they access the building. They are only required to scan their fingers and get verified by the sensors to enter.

Functional Description:

• ProCapture-T is an access control terminal applying the most advanced SilkID fingerprint sensor. Its outstanding performance provides a high identification rate towards dry, wet and rough fingers, being capable to detect alive finger for a higher security level.

• The fingerprint verification speed has been dramatically increased by its optimized fingerprint algorithm and the brand new ZMM220 hardware platform, equipped with a fast 1.2GHz processor.

• The touch keypad delivers a smooth and easy user operation to enroll and delete users, set device and access control parameters, etc.

• Its built-in camera allows to capture user’s photos and events snapshots to provide attendance evidence (optional function).

• Designed specifically for elevator control, the EC10 panel and EX16 floor extension boards provide customers with the most secured, scalable, versatile and affordable access control solutions available today.

• Floor access can be restricted based on various user credentials, including fingerprint, proximity card and / or password. Pre-defined time schedules can also be used to control floor access. During normal visits/business hours, unrestricted floor access can also be permitted (aka Passage mode).

• The EC10 Elevator Control Panel can restrict access up to ten floors. The EX16 Elevator Floor Extension Board restricts access up to an additional sixteen floors. Each EC10 can support up to three EX16 boards. When combining together,a total fifty eight (58) floors can be controlled with a single EC10 bundle. Note EC10 panels can be daisy-chained together to control as many floors as desired.

• Our powerful yet easy to use software makes the Elevator Control System very easy to manage. SDK is available for software companies which desire to integrate with the system.

On-site Photo:

S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd. –Globally-leading Electronic Supply Chain Services Provider in Hong Kong   S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd. –Globally-leading Electronic Supply Chain Services Provider in Hong Kong    S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd. –Globally-leading Electronic Supply Chain Services Provider in Hong Kong