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The Base Garden– Residential Area Management in Thailand Elevator Control Management Case Study

Project Description :

Sansiri is one of the largest real estate developers in Thailand offering a range of housing units. Sansiri was founded in 1984 and has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1996. Sansiri is also Thailand’s only fully integrated property developer, providing comprehensive services that go far beyond those traditional developers. With over 33 years of experience and hundreds of projects across Thailand, including two hotels and a residential project in Kensington, London, Sansiri is widely regarded as Thailand’s leading developer of quality houses, townhouses and condominiums.

Our project involves the Base Garden Rama-9, a middle-to-high-end residential project in Bangkok, which has been newly co-developed by Sansiri and BTS. The building is located in the central business area Bangkok. It has been estimated that with the opening of the MRT Orange Line, prosperity is expected to be brought to the location with large visitor flow. Famous landmarks in this area also include the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Unilever House, and Super Tower etc.

Client Requirements

Elevator Control for Multiple Floors

The Base Garden is a 36-storey residential building with 639 residential units. For security reason, to secure that the safety and privacy of the residents are not threatened, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access including elevators must be deployed. A residential building as it is, the residents and visitors should only be permitted to have the access of the floor they live in or visit. However, it would be difficult to manually monitor all access and elevators to effectively prevent illegal access. Thus, a system that is able to provide access control and elevator control with users’ customized access rights is important.

One Card for All Access

As our client desired to obtain a complete control of both access points and elevators, it required deployments for verification of residents’ and visitors’ identities in both access points and elevators. However, conventional verification systems could offer only inconvenience by issuing residents 2 cards. In order to enhance to the convenience level, A simplified system for both access control and elevator control was required.

Real-time Monitoring of Access

Our client also requires that they would be able to centrally the monitor the entire entrance control operation of all employees in the entire site, and all access logs are able to be reviewed anytime.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model


Biometric Access Control Software

ZKAccess 3.5


Elevator Controller



Elevator Controller



Fingerprint Reader



Fingerprint Reader


Technical Features

• The project is deployed with a solution of an integration of access control and elevator control. It includes 2 units of KR600E Wiegand Card Readers, 2 units of SC405 RFID Access Control Terminals, 2 units of EC10 Elevator Controllers, 4 units of EX16 Elevator Control Extension Boards, and a ZKAccess 3.5 Software.

• Each resident is registered with its personal information and is issued with one card that stores personal access information for access to the residential area. In order to legally access, residents are required to present the cards to be read by card readers. They are only eligible to access to the areas they are authorized to after successful verification. With elevator control modules, residents are only allowed to have access to the floors they live in.

• All access control readers and elevator control modules are connected to and managed by the ZKAccess 3.5 Software. Thus, all access control and elevator control verification processes are performed with only one card required.

• With the ZKAccess 3.5, all access status and records are reviewable anytime.

• Our client is highly satisfied with the deployed solution and we have received positive feedback.

Function Description

• Readers deployed in this solution are KR600E and SC405. They are both RFID card readers with keypad for password verification function. The former provides high durability with IP65 waterproof level which make it especially suitable for outdoor deployment. The latter is equipped with color screen display and graphical UI for easy operation which offers superior user experience.

• EC10 and EX16 deployed in this solution are specially designed for elevator control. Floor access can be restricted based on various user credentials. Pre-defined time schedules can also be used to control floor access. During normal visits/business hours, unrestricted floor access can also be permitted.

• The EC10 Elevator Control Panel can restrict access up to ten floors. The EX16 Elevator Floor Extension Board restricts access up to an additional sixteen floors. Each EC10 can support up to three EX16 boards. When combining together, a total fifty eight (58) floors can be controlled with a single EC10 bundle. Note EC10 panels can be daisy-chained together to control as many floors as desired.

• ZKAccess 3.5 is a desktop software which is suitable for small and medium businesses application. The software can simultaneously manage access control and elevator control modules. 

On-site Photo :

Thailand Elevator Control Management Thailand Elevator Control Management