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Texon Vietnam Factory Entrance Control Case Study

Project Description

Seojin Group is present in Vietnam since 2011 as a company with 100% capital of Korea. So far, Seojin has constantly expanded its scale and developed strongly in the field of production of transceiver equipment in the country, outside, phone case, electronic components for Samsung Group in Vietnam.

In the system of units belonging to Seojin Group in Vietnam, Texon Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a new company in operation with the number of employees expected 3000 people, the factory located in the industrial area of Dai Dong, Tu Son, Bac Ninh. Main scope of business is mechanical processing, metal processing and coating, electronic components manufacturing.

End User:TEXON VIETNAM Factory

Client Requirements

Project Requirements

The working environment in the factory should be strictly managed and protected not only in personnel but also in goods. The TEXON VIETNAM plant has requested the installation of a security control system in the area that workers come in and out regularly. This ensures that all employees are honest and safe in the work environment.

Implementation Solution


Device Name



Entrance & Security



ZKAccess 3.5



Technical Feature:

The ZK-D3180S metal detector and TS2000 tripod turnstile are installed in the garage and entrance areas of the factory. Workers register their fingerprints to pass through the tripod turnstile and then pass through the gate detector to ensure that no suspicious/ unauthorized items are entered into the work area.

- D3180S • 18 detection zones • 256 sensitivity levels • 25.7’’ LCD display • Counter for alarm and people • Synchronous sound & LED alarm

- TS2000 is designed to be quiet, noise-free and energy efficient. Made of stainless steel, it has high durability. The device recognizes fingerprints of registered user and automatically opens, allowing employees to pass safely.

- ZKAccess 3.5 software is used for TS2000 devices and controllers are integrated in this device, all registered data are controlled through software.

On-site photo:

Texon Vietnam Factory Entrance Control Case Study Texon Vietnam Factory Entrance Control Case Study Texon Vietnam Factory Entrance Control Case Study

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