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Vietnam GEO Nation Company Entrance Control Solution

Project Description

GEO Nation Vietnam Company continues to be one of the units located in Yen Phong Industrial Park, Bac Ninh - where most of the enterprises from Korea in the field of mechanical engineering are located.

Established over 1 year with a total workforce of nearly 1,000 people, mainly engaged in manufacturing metal casing for telephone.

Project Site

GEO Nation Company, Bac Ninh, Vietnam

Client Requirements

Project Requirements

GEO Nation wants to build a strict monitoring system for people and goods, equipment and components that are guaranteed to be free from loss, control their worker's entrance

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model

Entrance Control

X-ray inspection system


Single lane flap barrier


Dual lane flap barrier


Technical Features:

• This project has adopted two models of flap barrier to build up security control from the entrance of the company, both FBL4000 & 4200 support RFID and fingerprint verification to offer reliable and flexible access for   GEO Nation’s staffs. Apart from barriers, X-ray inspection system has also be deployed in this project in order to further enhance the security level and freeing the company from the threat of suspicious items.

Function Features:

• ZKTeco meets customer requirements by providing two different systems: Flap barrier FBL4000 and FBL4200 for pedestrian and X-ray ZKX5030A for briefcases

• ZKX5030A X-ray inspection system increases the operator’s ability to identify potential threats; the device is designed to scan briefcases, carry-on baggage and small cargo parcels. It uses reliable high quality single energy X-ray generator with the superb image algorithm, ZKX5030A could offer clear scanning image, which allows operators to identify potential threat items visually. Besides that it also could help operators to identify suspicious items quickly and accurately.

• The FBL4000 is a single lane and the FBL4200 dual lane flap barrier turnstile are elegant cost-effective entrance control systems designed for high-traffic volume.

• The FBL4200 series works together with FBL4000 series to build multiple lanes. They are made of stainless steel with highly durability. They are normally held in a locked position, thus denying access to the secured side. Upon FBL4000’s reader (RFID and/or fingerprint) positively recognizing a user’s valid access card or fingerprint, its barriers retract upward automatically, thus allowing users passage to the secured side.

On-site Photo:

Vietnam GEO Nation Company Entrance Control Solution                                                                 Vietnam GEO Nation Company Entrance Control Solution