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Access Control Solution in Chile Institute

Project Description : 

Project Site :  Rancagua, Chile ;

The final user is an a is an a Chilean student institute founded on 1960, Instituto Profesional AIEP, that depends of Universidad Andres Bello and through it become part of the consortium of private institutions of post-secondary education Laureate International Universities that merge 76 institutions on 27 countries.

Sede Rancagua is one of the 19 campus across the country. This location receives almost 9000 recurrent people, with 500 employees: fixed teachers, part time teachers, external collaborators, external contractors and external people making practices or apprenticeships and others. Part of this campus was reconstructed and a new building was constructed.

Client Requirements

Short time for installation

The solution must to be easy and fast to implement considering that the work season is the half of the summer break and that the campus will be occupied on summer classes.

Specific Permission and Duration of Access

The campus has more than 130 classrooms and laboratories, to safeguard the most important and priority locations and manage personnel access, the institution needs a biometric recognition-based access control improved with an unique password system for his employees.

One duress linked input to open all doors

Earthquakes are part of the nature of the location, Chile is some of the countries with more earthquakes worldwide. For this reason, a reliable and safe instant exit is crucial to ensure the evacuation of the different locations into the campus. Using the Global Linkage function on BioSecurity 3.0 is possible to make it possible by software no matter the location of the panel or the remote emergency input.

Implementation Solution

Devices Used

inBIO 280 (updated to PUSH)

inBIO 480 (updated to PUSH)


Software Used

BioSecurity 3.0

Total number of devices used

28 Access Control Panels

100 FR1300

On-site Photo:

Access Control Solution in Chile Institute