We comply with national laws, and do not allow bribes or accept bribes

We emphasize being responsible for our own business practice, and strive to achieve high transparency and the compliance with the law with our partners together. We resolutely resist and never tolerate any form of corruption or illegal behavior, and put this principle into our daily work. In order to get customers’ trust in the fierce market competition, ZKTeco takes a firm stance to forbid any kind of corruption of government officials and receive or provide any kind of bribes or commissions in dealing with civil servants or individuals in the private sector. We comply with national laws, and do not allow bribes or accept bribes.

ZKTeco is committed to the integrity management and has established a good reporting system. We encourage real-name reporting to the following unethical behaviors and protect whistleblowers’ private information with highest confidentiality. It is strictly forbidden to do these disciplinary offences including discriminating against, making embarrassment or inconvenience to, repressing retaliating to whistleblowers directly or indirectly. If the whistleblower reveals his or her own identity, ZKTeco no longer has the obligation to maintain this confidentiality.

• Criminal offence including corruption, bribery, fraud etc.;

• Intentional misrepresentations, misstatements, omissions, directly or indirectly affecting financial statements;

• Improper conduct or unethical behaviors;

• Attempts to conceal any of the above.

If there are ZKTeco employees asking for benefits, improper fees to our partners in various names and other similar issues in current cooperation or future cooperation, please report in real name promptly with detailed and concise information. ZKTeco will carefully investigate. Once confirmed, it will be handled severely to protect the legitimate interests of partners. If it is revealed that any of our partners does not report suspected illegal behaviours above stated after discovering, ZKTeco will take appropriate legal measures or cooperative restriction measures.

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